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Weekend Lollygagging – Version 0.9 2023 [Pigeon Pleasure | Seduction, Slave] (1 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Pigeon Pleasure | Language: English | Size: 1 GB

Weekend Lollygagging – Version 0.9 2023 [Pigeon Pleasure | Seduction, Slave] (1 GB)

Online Game - Weekend Lollygagging – Version 0.9

Hello my friend! How are you doing? I hope you’re healthy! This is Anita’s Discoveries ‘ side story. You play as Tom who went to his classmate, Melory, to do homework. In this novel/story/game, you are faced with choices, which leads to diverse consequences, therefore you have to make the right choice 🙂 In this game there are scenes that include Strait sex, transgender sexual the sex of milf, female dominance, interracial sex sleep groping and piss fetish fetish nude posing, cheating wife. I created two very easy sound mixes using ASMR (I believe this will bring some new and exciting experiences for you). Also there is the “Strip Bottle Game” with random choosing whom to strip (I hope that this game will provide freshness and enrich your experience of playing this game). There are six endings for this chapter, but there are many different ways to get these endings. I hope you enjoy this game to satisfy one of your fantasies and desires. Enjoy your day, evening or night my dear friend! Changelog: Renders : 1928 images (In general) Code / Text : ~14500 lines (In general) Script rewriting, assets compilation (done) – Scene in the Hotel basement (done) – The EPISODE with the theft of the golden dildo: The scene in the detective office (done) Scenes in the car (done) Interview scene with Melory (done) Interview scene with Nina (done) Interview scene with Sara (done) Interview scene with Alina (done) Interview scene with Anita (done) Interview scene with Robyn (done) The scene of the report to Dan (done)

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