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My Brother’s Wife – Version 0.7 2023 [Beanie Guy Studio | Animated, Interracial] (540 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Beanie Guy Studio | Language: English | Size: 540 MB

My Brother’s Wife – Version 0.7 2023 [Beanie Guy Studio | Animated, Interracial] (540 MB)

Online Game - My Brother’s Wife – Version 0.7

Three years ago, when Cole’s parents had just died, his older brother Alan, now his legal guardian, decided to send him to study at the other end of the world. Having rarely seen each other during those years, the two brothers are unfortunately not very close. Now a graduate of this prestigious school, Cole is back to the country where he will live with his brother until he chooses his new life. In the meantime, Alan has married Jennifer, a nice and pretty young woman with whom Cole will also have to live. How will this cohabitation evolve? And will Cole get closer to his brother or rather to his beautiful wife? The choice is yours!​ Changelog: – It contains more than 480 unique renders. – More than 250 (unique) frames of animation distributed in 8 small animated videos as well as some punctual animations scattered in the game. The story takes place on Saturday and will see the appearance of a new character, Bella. And as it is the weekend it will be the occasion of an excursion outside the house. -I also corrected some little bugs like an error preventing the correct display of the portraits of Diana and Melody – I also changed about ten pictures of the day 5, (in the club), where this jerk of Alan had again forgotten to put his beard.


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