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Parasite Black – Version 0.146 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (769 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Damned Studios | Language: English | Size: 769 MB

Parasite Black – Version 0.146 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (769 MB)

Online Game - Parasite Black – Version 0.146

Changelog: General: – world map & travel – dros romance & corresp. content – mal's shop is now working – church location – new mc artwork – black diamond arena – skill tests, currently used for charisma rolls in quests. Whenever you see one, you'll see a "drama" icon (two masks). Percentage tells your odds on "passing" the skill test. – cheat menu replaced with cheat codes Party battle: – a bunch of combat sounds – cancel skill button – music lists as opposed to fixed tracks – floating numbers (dmg) Quests: – From Another World quest now ends with a tavern scene – The Dark Knight quest (after From Another World) – The Bloodhound quest (after The Dark Knight) – A Graceful Rebirth quest (after High Fashion) qol/fixes: – a bunch of 'Regina's replaced with [regina_ref] – restored accesibility menu (a key) – restored self-voicing (v key) – made "goodbye" choices always the bottom-most ones – sometimes waiting would be blocked if ya skip too fast, not anymore (hopefully) – arwen scenes static placeholders replaced with anims – bunch of typos/text edits (umicans anyone) – consistent infection change across any and all sex scenes – startup disclaimer is a text now, not a picture


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