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Eternum – Version 0.5 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (4.33 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Caribdis | Language: English | Size: 4.33 GB

Eternum – Version 0.5 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (4.33 GB)

Online Game - Eternum – Version 0.5

A neural implant that reproduces five senses, makes it difficult to discern the difference between the real world and the game. Many servers make up the network of Eternum that ranges from vibrant fantasies filled with magic to spooky sci-fi cities no world is beyond reach. It is possible to see the darker aspect of this façade. There are black markets, torture and rape, aswell the illegal trafficking of content as well as unlawful assembly, data theft. Eternum does not abide by the rules of any person. The government is oblivious to this because there is no regulation or control. Some claim it's because this game is addictive, some say it's because markets move millions of dollars daily and some believe the people in power have been bribed, and some say. there's some other issue at play. What do you think? What's your part in this story? Well. This is all up to you right now. Changelog: 1201+ new images 50+ new animations 11500+ new lines of code 29+ new music tracks 90+ new sound effects New Eternum login animation Several render and code fixes

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