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Saving Paula – Version 0.0.28 Beta 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (846 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer XTZ Adult Games | Language: English | Size: 846 MB

Saving Paula – Version 0.0.28 Beta 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (846 MB)

Online Game - Saving Paula – Version 0.0.28 Beta

Instead, she settled for the role of housewife and acting instructor. For 20 years, she was happy. But then the "love of her life" turned into a complete trash and left her to his new love. He really was clearly a dick. She is now depressed, is losing all hope and seems to be at the edge of a slippery slope. She's not alone, however, as she has two kids, a boy, and a girl, who will be there to aid her and protect her from a tragic fate. What does it mean to her? Well, you decide.. Changelog: 229 new magnificent renders. Two teachers from Paula's college reveal their true intents, before indulging in their lesbian affair. Paula receives some life-changing news just before sunbathing with a very free-going Silvia. Max comes home to find an interesting sight.

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