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Knot Games - Elana Champion of Lust Ch. 3 v.1.6.1 Beta - Update 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Superpowers, Interactive] (1000 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer RareArchiveGames | Language: English | Size: 1000 MB

Knot Games - Elana Champion of Lust Ch. 3 v.1.6.1 Beta - Update 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Superpowers, Interactive] (1000 MB)

Online Game - Knot Games - Elana Champion of Lust Ch. 3 v.1.6.1 Beta - Update

· Combat addedNow it will be more or less optionalWhen you enter the areas you have a possibility to find the keepers of the peace there and choose if you want to fight them or leaveIt's not implemented yet but, in future, the handicap of not fighting them will be the having the villagers most influenced imprisoned and, if you want to finish the influence of the area, you'll have to free them firstOnce the area is maxed, the keepers of the peace will not appear there againAlso when you'll reach certain amount of influence in the whole map, the bosses from the intro could appear and you'll have to defeat them to continue with some parts of the story.Описание: · Now Elana will not fight aloneShe'll have the spirits to fight at her side and also if she have enough friendship with some of the singular characters she will be able to call them to make an special attackFor now, only the spirit of lust, fury, pride and Rala are available to be used in combatAll their attacks are unlocked since the beginning once created but in future you'll have to train them or fight with them to make them level up to have all their attacks available and you'll have to create some amulets to fully control them (a little bit like the gym medals from Pokemon)In Rala's case, now you can use her from the beginning but in future you'll need to complete her events and if you want to call her more than once a day you'll have to train her moreSame with the rest of the friends singular characterThis way you'll be able to choose what skills you thinks work best to win the battles and upgrade what you need.Описание: · Added more effects for the combatNow beside the effects of chapter one the combat will have way more possibilities, because every spirit will have it's own attacks and effects, such as cause confusion, stun..The enemies as well will be more complexTheir skills will not be only heal, and deal damage and depending on how they are, for example if their life is low, they could change their behaviour and attacksThis will be more obvious during the boss battles, but the base keepers of the peace have it's own mood changes as well.Описание: · Inside the battles, you'll be able to open a battle log to have more controlled what is happening in battlesSadly right now still doesn't works properly, it's not translated to English, and still have some rough annotations from the draftThere you'll will also appear sentences from the fighters.Описание: · If we count the icons of the attacks, the fighters and the images of their attacks more or less 100 images have been added for the combat.Описание: Note: Some of the things in combat are provisional and specially the things that surround the combat are a little unfinishedInstead of keep focusing on it, now that the basics are established, we'll spend some time every month to advance on it while keep the game advancing.Описание: · Added more or less 15 observing events in the city of elves but you'll find the guards in the mountain path again and you'll have to find the way to pass through them.Описание: · Added 7 events for Kaeryn with 18 imagesWe usually don't do this because when you are playing and wandering for the island you eventually find the events but, since this part is a little bit complex and the game it's still empty enough to not wander around we'll tell us exactly what to do to see all Kaeryn eventsFirst you'll find her in the houses, next time in the castle, then in the path of the mountains where she'll give you her plain elven dress so you can go to the mountainsOnce there in one of the observing events an elf woman will not allow you to enter a building and will tell you that you need more pride so, once you have created the spirit of pride (as a reminder to create spirits you'll need to go to the renegades area during night and buy the amulet and the jars to gather their essences to create them in the cloning roomThe people of the cloning room will allow you to do it if you have the archmage ring, which is in his desk) she'll let you pass and see an eventAfter that event you'll find Kaeryn in the house and you'll have to train her several times like RalaOnce she's fully trained she'll tell you where to go to see her final event.Описание: · Added 2 half animations and 1 animation in the farms.Описание: · Updated gallery.Описание: Known bugs:Описание: · Once, while testing the combat the game freezeNever happened again and we've been checking the code for a while to find the possible problem but we've seen nothingIf it happens to you, please tell us what you did exactly before it happened.

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