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Lustonia v1.001a by GingerDread Productions 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Monster, Humilation] (1000 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer RareArchiveGames | Language: English | Size: 1000 MB

Lustonia v1.001a by GingerDread Productions 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Monster, Humilation] (1000 MB)

Online Game - Lustonia v1.001a by GingerDread Productions

The dreaded ginger undead is absolutely ecstatic to premier its very first title; Lustonia!..and the first public demo is now available to download! A ravenously sexual adventure, delving the player into a world of peril, deviance, and excruciatingly lascivious gameplayYou are the last free surviving Lustonian, a species of humanoid beings who study the mastery of the carnal arts from the world of LustoniaBattle and bang your way through the hordes of cybernetic creatures devastating your world and enslaving your peopleBut beware, if you're defeated you can easily become their play-thing as well!Описание: Welcome to an amazing fantasy adventure where you must save your planet from an invading cybernetic alien force! Play as your clan's only surviving member after everyone else has been massacred or kidnappedAs a fairly technologically limited culture the invading creatures are like nothing you could imagineShimmering skin harder than stone, odd sounds emanating from every body part, and grotesque features that come straight from your nightmaresCan you survive or will you become their enslaved play-thing?​

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