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Twin Star – Version 0.7 2023 [Panda Penguin | Pov, Sex Toys] (389 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Panda Penguin | Language: English | Size: 389 MB

Twin Star – Version 0.7 2023 [Panda Penguin | Pov, Sex Toys] (389 MB)

Online Game - Twin Star – Version 0.7

Meet 18 yearsold twins Lena and Mike Twin Star is a twincest, voyeurism, dating-sim, topdown sex RPG with DAZ3D powered hardcore action scenes. You control either the male twin Mike or the female twin Lena as your character The ultimate goal will be the seduction of your twin while gathering as many sexual memories as possible. You have to form a bond with your twin over time to achieve this goal. In addition you have a variety of tools at your disposal to perform all sorts of “memory gathering” in form of spy cameras, observation, blackmailing, and other sorts of mischievous actions. These actions might interfere with the bonding progress of your twin but result in some fine material that you can keep or sell to earn some cash to upgrade your equipment even further for better quality material. As with your relationship with your twin you start from scratch with your available equipment and work your way up. Version 0.7 Changelog: – This is a complete rebuild of the previous version on the new game engine GameMaker:Studio2 this means that almost all code was completely rewritten not only to run more stable but also to be more future proof for additions that will come with later game versions It also means that there was little to no graphical content added for this version as all time was spent on improving the code first the more obvious graphical changes include a complete overhaul of the menus and the general UI style The controls also got a big overhaul as there is no more keyboard control supported (except for ESC and F1) to make room for the advanced mouse control that also features a new waypoint highlighting system which will be used later by mission tracking.

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