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Lovely Sails – Version 0.2.1 2023 [Snowshoes | Dating Sim, Stripping] (488 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Snowshoes | Language: English | Size: 488 MB

Lovely Sails – Version 0.2.1 2023 [Snowshoes | Dating Sim, Stripping] (488 MB)

Online Game - Lovely Sails – Version 0.2.1

This game is, more or less, a homage to the old Japanese VN titles of my younger days. Those Alicesoft SLGs were some of my favorites as they not only had great art, but fun gameplay as well. Hopefully this doesn't run the risk of alienating my adult-gaming peers, but this game attempts to be –well a game.​ Changelog 0.2.1: NPC Death Removed. NPC health and tension remain as parameters however their functionality has changed. Health changes with food-related triggers. (0) Health puts NPCs in an unavailable state until (50) Health is recovered. Food decay still applies. Tension now affects certain interactions. Talk events have a negative state (>=50 Tension). Talking in this state reduces stat gains and there are minor dialogue changes (basically minor variations to 90 dialogue branches for a total of 180) Assist is also affected. Player Tension Removed/Libido Implemented. This was explained in an earlier blog. The jist is you no longer have to manage tension, instead a libido bar will affect your ability to perform future Night Visits (for Hub scenes). A Bunch of Tooltips. Fixes Fixed a crash while visiting Creek during a Heatwave. Fixed an exploit with rollback stacking infinite stats (still needs testing to see if I got everything in one pass).


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