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Caravan – Version 0.0.1 2023 [Tickler | Dcg, Fight] (110 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Tickler | Language: English | Size: 110 MB

Caravan – Version 0.0.1 2023 [Tickler | Dcg, Fight] (110 MB)

Online Game - Caravan – Version 0.0.1

Deserted wasteland, lonely tower, party of three strangers. What awaits them inside? What secrets will unravel before them? Go with them and find out. Commence your journey as a rogue mage. Lie, deceive, steal and kill, do whatever it takes to accomplish goals and most basic desires of your mixed nature. Make your way thru political intrigues court aristocrats of Copper kingdoms, monsters filled swamps, murky and dark Elven forests, wastelands filled with creatures from the Rim and many more.​

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