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Gain of Life – Version 0.12.1 2023 [SirMister | Dating Sim, Stripping] (695 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer SirMister | Language: English | Size: 695 MB

Gain of Life – Version 0.12.1 2023 [SirMister | Dating Sim, Stripping] (695 MB)

Online Game - Gain of Life – Version 0.12.1

If you gain weight your clothes will start getting tighter and tighter until you buy a new set of clothes (the same with losing weight, the clothes will get lose). If clothes are too small or they are going to RIP the game will automatically buy an overpriced set of clothes for you (it just makes sense because in real life you would just go and buy yourself new clothes, you wouldn’t go outside naked, so the game forces you to wear clothes). Your parents paid you an apartment near the college (which your parents paid the scholarship for). By default, you will attend college. With bad behavior, you can get kicked out of college, but you can also leave it when you want to. Next to the college / as your job you will be able to choose from a wide range of jobs, each one containing something special. Some jobs require experience, fame, education,… so you will “unlock” them over time. Better paid jobs will enable you to buy things, this game is a lot about money. A lot of money enables you to buy research centers,… to do…whatever you want to. This is NOT supposed to be a minigame, which means one game year has 365 gamedays which you will have to play. Sometimes holidays,… can be skipped with a skip button for lazy players, but it is more efficient to play scenes/holidays yourself without skipping anything.


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