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Last Call – Version – 0.4 2023 [Thunderline Studios | Superpowers, Interactive] (1.7 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Thunderline Studios | Language: English | Size: 1.7 GB

Last Call – Version – 0.4 2023 [Thunderline Studios | Superpowers, Interactive] (1.7 GB)

Online Game - Last Call – Version – 0.4

You’ve made the tough choice to go help out an uncle whose health is failing. Sure, it’s a lot of work running his bar in his tiny Midwestern town, but it’s a charming place and it’s growing on you. Yeah, it meant dropping out mid-semester and leaving your girlfriend Fiona behind, but family is worth it… right? In Last Call you play as the over-worked and somewhat awkward hero as he deals with a failing long-distance relationship, a feisty cougar, a charming rebel, the local drunks, and the joy of running the favorite watering hole in Oaklane. Expect a few surprises along the way, and always remember that your actions have consequences, some for the better and some for the worse. Count on some quippy dialogue, steamy encounters, a bit of heartbreak, and a few laughs. But always remember, before you close up shop for the night, always make a LAST CALL.​ Changelog: Over 1000 images 3 Lewd Scenes Updated Replay Gallery More images in the image Gallery New cell phone messenger system We are advising a new playthrough due to the code changes.


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