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Her Heart's Desire – A Landlord Epic – Version 0.020 2023 [Big Chungus Productions | Geeseki, Bedlam Games] (1.5 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Big Chungus Productions | Language: English | Size: 1.5 GB

Her Heart's Desire – A Landlord Epic – Version 0.020 2023 [Big Chungus Productions | Geeseki, Bedlam Games] (1.5 GB)

Online Game - Her Heart's Desire – A Landlord Epic – Version 0.020

You are a struggling writer and you've just sold your novel with enough cash to afford the purchase of a home. Life in the suburbs promised to be everything you've dreamed of in the city More space, more tranquility and Perhaps you were single and didn't have any roommates. It was the time to begin your love life. At age 43, you were not getting any younger. If a student from college was able to see your advert and decided to rent one of the bedrooms it all changed. It was quickly discovered that she was blonde and 18 years old, and was a lover in secret. You're her landlord and have the time. Feel obligated to assist her realize her fantasies no matter how depraved they may be. You can't help but think about what you might be able of doing for her. You never thought it possible to kickstart your love life. CHangelog: After the events of Day 5 morning, MC arrives home (or never left, depending on your choices) and is in the mood for some brunch. Daisy interrupts him with a proposition – how about lunch in the park? Refuse, well, you skip basically the new content of the update. Accept her invitation, and day 5 afternoon ensues with special time between you and your tenant. 100+ new Full HD images 15+ new animations (depending on choices) lots of smaller ones as well) 1 new replayable scene in the gallery Altered a previous scene in the yoga studio to skip if preferences aren't met Improvements to code, bugs, memory management to ensure animations work seamlessly across a wider range of computers, and miscellaneous script improvements. Updated May 28th; includes two new animations, one for an earlier Daisy + MC scene doggy style; and a close up of Lisa + MC anal. Also 10+ older renders have been edited, removed, or replaced with better versions, some rewriting has been done in earlier parts of the game, as well as multiple new two frame animations. Final update June 17th: backported a few nickname issues, other variable changes, and more text to ensure continuity for the endings that are coming soon.

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