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Divimera – Version R6.1 2023 [Redikal | Mind Control, Blackmail] (1.25 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Redikal | Language: English | Size: 1.25 GB

Divimera – Version R6.1 2023 [Redikal | Mind Control, Blackmail] (1.25 GB)

Online Game - Divimera – Version R6.1

When a sudden storm wrecks your vessel, the only survivors are you as well as your sister and babysitter. Three of you get washed up on an unknown island. Two of you remain and are later rescued by the British colony. Now , your sister is gone… They’re telling you that she’s dead, and that no one can survive in the village But you’re smarter than that. You’ll find her, no matter what it takes. It is soon apparent that there are many secretive secrets hidden on the island that could threaten your safety and health. What is the place where these people get their start? Could it be because nobody goes into the woods at night. What is the most bizarre expression everyone has? What occurred to your sister? The island’s gorgeous however, not all that beautiful women seem to have an interest in you…and they have secrets… Are you able to uncover the island’s secrets before they devour you? Or, will you succumb to depravity and temptation? Changelog: – Continuation of the story. – 3 new h-scenes (Hale and Lily). – Switched/upscaled all assets to 1080p, and also improved the texture work and image quality in general. – (If the savefile image look messed up, it’s caused by the increase of resolution, this will fix itself as you start saving using R6, just a cosmetic issue). – Translation in Spanish and Russian is updated and complete for this version. – The navigation arrows now last longer. – Made the hale route easier to obtain in terms of condition requirement (was too difficult and not intended to be that way). – Various small fixes and improvements to previous parts. The version is a bit shorter than I expected, it’s kind of sad when this has been the most complicated version to make so far (creating the whole island outside look and logic is one of the reasons and some of the sex scenes are getting more complex), it didn’t translate very well into the game length. The next version will be focused on the village, so should be less complex to create. In any case, hope you like it and it has some good moments!

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