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BBS2 – Version 0.1 2023 [SummmerP & Xaøs | Superpowers, Interactive] (626 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer SummmerP & Xaøs | Language: English | Size: 626 MB

BBS2 – Version 0.1 2023 [SummmerP & Xaøs | Superpowers, Interactive] (626 MB)

Online Game - BBS2 – Version 0.1

Bobby is a not so charming young lad who's desperately trying to get more intimate with and "responsible" towards the four girls he grew up with – but all in a very, very, very bad way. BS2 is a traditional, fun and immersive in-house sandbox adult game, with beautiful and relatable romantic interests for you to bully and chase around while Bobby grinds his way towards a not so traditional sex life, as a protagonist who's willing to use any tools at his disposal to turn their home into his own personal twisted little harem – be it love, romance, wealth, manipulation, coersion, psychotropics, harassment.. (you name it) his depravities & schemes offset with that cozy homely scenario and characters to create a singular erotic experience BBS2 is a game about family ties, liability, manhoodin' and coochies, of course.. the cutest coochies

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