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The Singer – Version 0.5.23 2023 [IntensiveCareGames | Groping, Humor] (3.86 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer IntensiveCareGames | Language: English | Size: 3.86 GB

The Singer – Version 0.5.23 2023 [IntensiveCareGames | Groping, Humor] (3.86 GB)

Online Game - The Singer – Version 0.5.23

Ria is a beautiful and young beautiful girl with dreams of the future. Her body is not known to anyone. Ria is a beautiful singer and is waiting for someone else's to find her. Who are you? You are boyfriend that girl. Ria's behavior in the future will be affected by your decisions. Are you planning to remain loyal? Or will you remain faithful to her? Changelog: 80 images 12 animations 500 new images 16 animation, I focused on Ria's corruption. You'll see two separate scene in Mr. Thomas's office. (Corruption path & blackmail path) Your choices on the night of the party will affect this scene. If you can't see these options on the love path, Ria's corruption points are not at the highest level. *THIS IS IMPORTANT* I made major changes to the coding. I had to. I have taken some precautions for future updates. That's why it's very important to start the game from beginning. You will see dark colored options in the choices. If your points are enough (corruption path, love path points), these choices will be active. The decisions you make for the MC are important. If the MC makes decisions that won't make Ria happy, there's no need for the MC to cheat Ria. If Ria's corruption scores are very high, she will be able to independently choose to cheat MC.

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