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Hail Dicktator – Version 0.39.2 2023 [Hachigames | Geeseki, Bedlam Games] (2.43 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Hachigames | Language: English | Size: 2.43 GB

Hail Dicktator – Version 0.39.2 2023 [Hachigames | Geeseki, Bedlam Games] (2.43 GB)

Online Game - Hail Dicktator – Version 0.39.2

In a state of desperation, you receive a note from an uncle that you never thought you had. You’re offered a job in his hotel on an island in the middle of the ocean. You find it’s full of gorgeous women as well as a peculiar system of reward and punishment. It’s possible that the island is even more bizarre than the people who live there… Make friends and become enamored of the girls. Reward or punish them. Listen to their stories. Learn the secrets of the island, enhance the hotel’s facilities and create more facilities. Maybe , one day, you will become the new ‘Dicktator’! “Hail Dicktator” features fetishes from all types, including bondage or feet. Version 0.1.0 has more than 80 total scenes and 45 events that have over 650 high-quality renders. Changelog: * 260+ regular renders * ~15 scenes and events * 5 full animations bringing the total to about 500 renders. * new anal, bondage, BDSM, humiliation, eat-out, toy scenes. * Nyx and Sarah arc continued * Zero’s story continued * Main story continued * KNL Scene involving Hazel, Scarlet, Yuki and Nadia * New punishment for Leah * memory optimization: overworld images are streamed in as needed * memory optimization: portraits are streamed in as needed * restored android version to high quality * fixed Sonya’s session not working on mobile because of missing asset pack

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