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Aaron's Life – Version 0.1b – Update 2023 [Bad Cate | Monster, Humilation] (58.4 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Bad Cate | Language: English | Size: 58.4 MB

Aaron's Life – Version 0.1b – Update 2023 [Bad Cate | Monster, Humilation] (58.4 MB)

Online Game - Aaron's Life – Version 0.1b – Update

Aaron's life changes when his father marries Rebeca and now he must live with his step-sister Karen. Everything takes a turn when you see it in a different way . It is a simple game and we have less than an hour playable game, but if you try all the options that we offer in it, you will enjoy it a lot. Aaron's Life is available to all for free. You don't need to contribute to play it.​ 0.1b Added: – 2 new background with color – 1 Old background with color – We added a fapping option at the bed by night, you can trigger some events by that mean. – Now you can only spy Sophie between 3 pm and 7 pm – Rebeca´s love and lust now have impact on the game – Tons of new Rebeca interactions and small talks (At least 20 small events that influence Rebeca´s Lust and love (half of them with multiple choices that define your relationship)) – New ways of earning money – New store items – New "girl´s stats" screen that show you your progress with each girl (There is a limit for each stat at 25 for now and until new evets are presented) – 1 New Rebeca sex option with art – 1 Karen and Rebeca Scene with art – 1 Rebeca solo scene with art – 1 Fap in front of Rebeca option with Art – Now you can buy gifts to Rebeca to make her love you more or make her happy – Now you can spy on Sophie by clicking in the window instead of the door Fixed: – Skipping school now gives you -2 on Rebeca´s love – Clicking in the inventory button no longer display objects you don´t have – Now when you buy a voyeur´s kit or the thief's tools they disappear on the store (This was made for avoiding you buy it twice by mistake) – Buying voyeur´s kit now shows the correct text and image in the inventory – Do homework now makes the clock advance 4 hrs instead of not advancing or advancing just 2 (This is to maintain a balance, if it feels too excessive, let us know) – The "Wait for" option in the bed menu now makes the clock advance instead of doing nothing – End of spying out of the window now doesn´t trigger the store, instead it sends you to Aarons room. – Now you don`t get called out for not introducing yourself even when you did (We think we fix it, if you keep having the problem, let us know) -Some angel and succubus sprites no longer get in front of text – Succubus conversation now has a background and is no longer only black -All the items in the store are now showed as text. Some of them were missing in the translation folder – Rebecca´s love now adds as much as the game says it does. (Not going to school takes 2 out of it, we are triying to balance it, to make her love you you can do laundry, talk to her or work for her in the kitchen, if it still feels like excesive work, let us know) – Now you can´t spam "do homework" after you get cought by the guard.We fixed the code, now it should send you to sleep if it´s over 24 hrs. – Now you can access to the store form the computer at any time (There was a bug where it sometimes didn´t showed up) – Some actions made you to sleep after 24 hrs without resetting stats like work for Rebecca or making the day advance etc.


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