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Sensei – Version – Update 2023 [GelonG | Monster, Humilation] (886 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer GelonG | Language: English | Size: 886 MB

Sensei – Version – Update 2023 [GelonG | Monster, Humilation] (886 MB)

Online Game - Sensei – Version – Update

You play as Richard. This is a young guy who, from early childhood, learned the frailty of life. Richard had just returned from military service, where unpleasant events happened to him that changed him. In the game, Richard will have to unravel many secrets (detective), help his students (school setting), deal with his cybernetic "I", find out the secret of his own family, find out if they are alive, and why they left him in the hospital immediately after birth, solve the disappearance (or death) of the parents of his common-law wife (girlfriend), and also find out why his half-sister suddenly showed up. Meet a lot of girls, start a porn studio, become a trainer, massage therapist, undercover agent. And most importantly – any sex action can be avoided – it's up to you.​

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