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Dope’s Lustful Adventures – Version 0.03 2023 [Dope | Monster, Humilation] (1.81 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Dope | Language: English | Size: 1.81 GB

Dope’s Lustful Adventures – Version 0.03 2023 [Dope | Monster, Humilation] (1.81 GB)

Online Game - Dope’s Lustful Adventures – Version 0.03

Lust. It can consume your heart, devouring it while it corrupts you and those around you. It can lead you down a path of debauchery, immorality and depravity so outrageous that “lust” is regarded as one of the seven deadly “sins.” What is the definition of lust? Is it really that harmful? Are the remaining six “sins” truly so terrible? As Dope turns into the king of lust and you take control, the plot unfolds that sees him dragged into a plot in which the survival of the human race is dependent on the bag he carries. Changelog: Add labels (names) to accessible areas on the map. Expand the basic interactive map feature to open maps without it. (The placeholder text is wrong but the events work properly. Jessica’s Photoshoot. (It has some extra options that don’t have renders but the event works as originally intended.) Elise/Party Event. I wouldn’t quite call it an overhaul but the event has been updated/expanded to reflect my original intent. You can build relationship with numerous characters and multiple questlines have starts here. If you miss these quests it’s ok, they can be started later, but there will be benefits to starting the quests now. If you get all the quests, by the end of the update you should have 6. (1 main quest 5 side quests) Add time/stamina modifiers to map distances. (Each area of the map is a “zone”. For example, everything in Hightown is in zone 1. Traveling within a zone takes 1 minute/stamina going from map to map. However, traveling from zone to zone can take up to 30 mins/stamina, or more.) Move the character log from the phone(VS plugin) to the Codex(CGMZ plugin). This is only partially done, but in the future the “Phone” will only show some generic info about a character as well as their relationship stats. The character log will have that as well, plus more detailed information about characters that will update as the game progresses. You’ll also be able to view this same information in the bio portion of the status screen, however, only in party characters will show there. Other shit that I can’t remember.

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