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The Fixer – Version 0.3.0 Part1 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (132 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Sam Tail | Language: English | Size: 132 MB

The Fixer – Version 0.3.0 Part1 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (132 MB)

Online Game - The Fixer – Version 0.3.0 Part1

After playing through one of the origin stories, you find yourself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return you agree to work for them as a "Fixer". Someone who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will you manage to make a difference to the town and it's power brokers or will you fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston? Changelog: In a nutshell. New breast sizes added. Sammy can now have small, medium or large breasts New locations, events and characters All CGs updated for breast sizes, body writing, spanked ass etc. Inventory added with a whole host of items Perks added New way to travel around town and location areas have been restructured Custom colours for clothes/hair/makeup Perks Perks added to the game Origin perks added where the player can select a defining trait for Sammy There are 8 origin perks picked at the start of the game and many more normal perks Sammy/customisation Updated body writing. Sammy now has 2 pens in her inventory, a permanent marker and a felt marker. Permanent writing takes 5 showers to remove while felt marker is removed after one wash. There is also a tattoo variant that cannot be removed but this needs to be applied by someone else. Added small and large breast variants to the surgery menu Updated the art for Sammy's body Sammy's stats are now heavily dependent on perks and are no longer capped at 100. Given the right perk balance, Sammy's desire for example can now each 900, possibly more. Scavving New scavenge mechanic added where Sammy can look around the streets for anything valuable to sell. This is intended to be a non sex sidegrade for prostitution (prostitution will be in an upcoming update) Vendors added who buy different types of scrap off Sammy Scav events added where Sammy looks around the streets for junk Sammy can also collect non scrap items at various locations such as beer/cigs. Some areas have more specific items not available elsewhere Bus Bus travel menu added. You now need to get the bus to travel to different districts Added bus travel scenes. These can range from mundane to Sammy leaving naked School School art updated to give the school a more run down feel to it New rooms added, the library and sew room School locations have been restructured to accommodate the new classrooms Can relax in the library or study to boost intelligence Pub Added new barmaid uniform Updated all barmaid CGs to use the new uniform and have breasts/preg/tattoo/writing/spank/buttplug variations. Added Trixie as a replacement for barmaid Added in undress CG to the selling socks/pants events Updated the pub KO event with the new ass up CG Updates to many of the talking/serving events so you get a red ass when groped/spanked Added new standing/harass CG for when Sammy is bringing beer to a table or returning from a table. Updated sex CGs to use the barmaid dress Updated pub work start where you buy clothes that are missing. Added a shop to the back room in the pub to buy missing clothes Added wardrobe and mirror to the back room. Work in the pub is now started from the back room after your first day. This is in preparation for the dance/topless job that will be there later Added rare abduction event to the pub if you follow a guy outside into the alleyway Added in pub harass events when walking to/from the bar. Added in some flavour comments while working at the bar for male start Sammy as well as comments when you haven't worked there for very long Added in a few new event branches Added in perk specific branches to many of the scenes Junkyard New junkyard area in the checkpoint district New characters Jaylee and Ashon added to the scrapyard. Jaylee is a scavenger who will introduce the job and her brother is the manager of the scrapyard Visiting the junkyard unlocked the Savver quest and the ability to scavenge Can sell scrap items to Ashon and eventually he opens a shop where you can buy a few items Intro chain with Jaylee where you see her around the junkyard scavenging Once friendly with Jaylee, she will invite you to hang out near her trailer Once very friendly with Jaylee, she will show you the key to her trailer and let you hang out and stay the night. Many Jaylee conversation topics and conversation chains When staying the night with Jaylee, she may initiate sex depending on her lust stat When staying with Jaylee, she may wake you up in the morning through sex depending on her lust stat Added Jaylee asslick, Jaylee facesit, Jaylee ass pose and Jaylee bed post CG's Jaylees trailer is a new player home. It has all the same functionality as Sammy's home Jaylee opens a sex shop once you are friendly enough with her Needle girls Added new characters Saskia and Feida Added intro chains when you meet them Gloryhole Added the intro chain with Nate where he asks you about gloryholes and then tasks you with getting items to make one Once you have completed Nates gloryhole chain, you can create gloryholes elsewhere Sammy is able to service created gloryholes Added in gloryhole artwork Sammy is able to work the gloryhole at the pub as part of her shift Haven Haven CGs have been updated to give Sammy a new vagina, add body writing and spank effects. Added new backgrounds to some scenes that can take place in Sammys bunk New events. Sammy can wake with something being written on her, shower abduction event, drunk abduction event, general harassment and molestation, horny and drunk general events. If Sammy is a whore, she can find someone waiting for her by her bunk for a good time If Sammy is a whore and triggers a low mood event. She might sell herself instead of seeing Viktor If Sammy is a whore and falls fully asleep, she can wake to realise someone "used" her while sleeping and left payment in her bunk If Sammy is a whore or succubus, she can advertise herself for customers around Haven Getting fluid/searching the lounge, getting the lighter/searching the bedroom and searching the pipes room now requires scavenging You can now hang out at the fireplace at night. Gives more mood than loitering Changed Viktors repeatable scene and the storage caught scene from bent over to present ass CG Viktor can be asked to pull out Viktor can be met while hanging out by the fire Update to Victor, if you go the preg_want route, you now manually collect more brew when you run out instead of getting an infinite amount. Eavesdropping events can now be farmed endlessly but the chance of triggering them is now lower. New blowjob repeatable with the peeper Can enter utilities room regardless of the time Added Leaking CG after the vent scene Due to mobile and potato computers struggling, the haven room search point and click has been removed and pushed into the scavenge feature. Added a new mini mission before Haven where you collect packages in preparation for the Haven mission. This serves to introduce Sammy to the mechanics and people at the market New perk related branches New Haven shower scenes for whore/slut/strange pill Sammy Updated the Haven mission start so Sammy responds to Emile based on perks Updated the peephole repeatable sex chain for perks and to use the new "where to cum" system Updated and added in new Haven branches for perks. Exhibitionist Sammy will always agree to exposing herself in return for booze/cigs and strange pill Sammy has unique branches where she readily agrees to sex Extended the time the guard smokes for from 10 mins to 30 mins Slave path now gives you Joy and Lebo during the story. Sammy will finish the mission being an alcoholic and Joy addict as well as gaining the broken perk On the slave path with pregnancy timer being player chosen now, added in new event catchers while in your slave cell where you give birth. It is possible to give birth multiple times Dance storyline Added new dance clothes. Miniskirt, knot top and underboob crop New perk related branches to the story. Most notably the exhibitonist perk Updated much of the dialogue and scenes to looks/feel smoother Prologue Updated the prologue Sammy can now pick her appearance at the start of the game Body confidence stat added. Male start starts at -200, female start starts at -50. It will never be possible to go above 0 or lose confidence outside of the prologue Prologue updated. Makes use of new body_confidence stat, Emile can be snarky if you pick negative options and more male start dialogue New choice menu during the prologue when picking what to wear. It now shows icons of the clothing instead of text Body_confidence now decides if male start Sammy can pick thongs/a dress Edited Dr. Tucker's dialogue which suggested he wasn't very important in the institute. New prologue comments based on breast sizes Updated dialogue to reflect the lack of phones or other working technology in common use Wardrobe Removed "no clothes" button. You now undress by de selecting what you are currently wearing New shop wardrobe interface. Coats added. Only partially functional right now and just added for testing Added yellow highlights around colours that are currently applied to your clothes Added yellow highlight around any clothes currently worn Added colour picker to the wardrobe, you can now save a selection of your own custom colours Added the ability to make some clothing more transparent/fishnet Added jewellery box switcher to the wardrobe Redid wardrobe code. The wardrobe is now a proper inventory (using the new inventory system) and clothes are now items within the inventory. Hud and UI Inventory added New Diary and stats menu interface New HUD and travel screen Updated the upper ribbon, stat numbers are now displayed over the stat icon by default. No need to use the debug menu Cheat menu has been changed to an image icon on the upper ribbon Adjusted stat descriptions to better reflect higher stats (desire/allure) Inventory Added inventory. Button is on the top right next to the diary Items added for the inventory. Items can be used directly from the inventory interface and if they can't be used, Sammy will have something to say about the item and it's use Haven items are now placed in the inventory Updated main travel UI Reorganised districts and rolled some districts into others. Park is in the Residential area, commercial area is in Revel street, Highway is in the Truckstop and Industrial is in Checkpoint. Added new locations to the lake and industrial area Broke the school into 2 floors and added new locations Toilets/locker rooms and other gender specific locations now have a new split button. District locations can now only be accessed through the travel interface where Sammy will get on the bus to that location Updated the action buttons UI Action buttons are now attached to the travel UI and not hovering on the location images Added icons to show what an action will do. If it will boost your mood, boost fitness etc. Added personal actions. These are actions available anywhere such as relaxing, scavving, whoring and finding somewhere to sleep Updated diary UI Added a personal diary for Sammy with a few entries. Updated quest log. It now tracks all the sex stats that happened during that mission. All the same stats that are available to Sammy Updated Sammys stats. It now shows how many people came on her, how many times she has been pregnant, how many babies she has birthed and tracks how much she has earned selling herself. Added new "people" screen. It will show a short biography of everyone important you know as well as any sex stats related to them Added images for the bio screen, stats screen and for quests Can rename NPC's in the bio screen Added new stats for female NPCs that show their sex stats page Map backgrounds Updated park background Updated bushes background Updated all school backgrounds to give a more worn feel Cheats Add all items Pregnancy length. Cycle between v short, short, med and realistic pregnancy lengths. NPCs also follow this timer Meet all NPCs so they show up in the diary/bio page NPC timeskip. NPCs pass 2 seasons worth of days without time actually progressing. During this time NPCs will have sex and get pregnant Player cycle, Progress Sammy's cycle by 1 day Gloryhole cheat. Start and progress the gloryhole creation chain with this cheat General changes or additions Added a random event picker to the entire game. Fixed and re added the pass out/sleep drunk event Updated drunk and tired pass out events. It is also possible to manually sleep rough when tired enough. Some events make use of the new ass up CG Added loiter events to the park. These are mostly updated walk events from before Game now starts on Saturday and Sammy stats her cycle at a random point Added custom colours to accessories and makeup Added hair dye and contact lenses to the accessories wardrobe. This is basically colour your hair/eyes from the accessories menu Custom hair and eye colours added Nail polish, hair dye and contact lenses require an item to be able to use. Updated soccer boys sex scene to use the new "where to cum" system Adjusted "where to cum" system to be a lot more lenient. Sammy will fail a lot fewer checks unless she has perks that auto fail her (eg broken, preg_want) Exhibitionist Sammy can now shower with the boys regardless of stats Exhibitionist Sammy at night asks the boys if they are fine with her hanging out naked. After asking, Sammy will auto strip when interacting with the boys Added random exhibitionist event where Sammy will streak through the school Commando perk Sammy now throws away any underwear from her wardrobe Exhibitionist Sammy now cannot wear anything for her home wear Exhibitionist and slutty Sammy can be nude in her home and swim set without issue Broodmother origin now gets huge boost to sex agree checks if ovulating Broodmother and creampie lover can never ask for pullout Broodmother/baby crazy Sammy cant ask for anal unless on period/pregnant Broodmother can never take morning after pills or abortion pills. Baby crazy Sammy will need to pass a check so the player can "trick" her into taking one (get her drunk). In return, Baby crazy Sammy may mysteriously lose morning after pills or abortion pills Added back in the drunk swirl and floating hearts now that the slowdown issue seems to be fixed Removed mall and things can now be bought by wandering the market. Made it so lap sex gives the choice of what to do based on your stats Added new item, Joy. It doubles your max happiness and maxes out your happiness and doubles Sammys happiness gain. But is addictive. Getting Joy addicted will lower your max happiness by 60 and make any happiness gains reduced by 80% Added new item, Lebo. It will max out desire, increase max desire by 200 and made any desire gains 10 times more. Added the chance for pub patrons to give you a spiked drink with either Joy or Lebo Added new item, Wakeup. After taking it your tiredness will be maxed out, but once you come down from it your tiredness will completely tank and you may pass out. Added random events where if you are a joy addict and have low mood, you will take a joy. If you have beer on you, you will drink something If you have low mood when ending a shift in the pub, you will be given the choice to boost it by drinking or taking joy before carrying on. Likewise if too tired, you are given the choice to take some wakeup When triggering the tired/pass out event, you are given the choice to take some Wakeup if you have some Added bikini shop to the beach Removed the event where Sammy goes home when its late with low confidence. Now if Sammy is not very confidence and is out late, she will trigger mood lowering random events Removed the confidence hit when wearing slutty clothes when unconfident and replaced with mood lowering random events New Emile art added Added in male start world events and comments Updated the run events to work globally Updated the run events to match better with the lore and Sammys character As male start, once you reach 0 body confidence (from -200), you will trigger an event where you remove the male start origin perk and get to pick a new one. Emile pregnant prologue brances Strange pill and a variety of drugs can now be scavenged at the beach. Story explanation for why at the beach to follow New item added, pepper spray. During any hostile encounter where Sammy is able to resist, the option for using pepper spray will come up and auto win the encounter. Pepper spray cannot be bought and will only be a very rare find while scavenging. Added a new personal action where if Sammy is stripped of clothes and is exposed, she can scavenge for some rags to wear. Added in mini events for when it is late at night (replacing the previous "send home" mechanic) Can do blowjob, vag or anal. Scenes are not properly written yet but are functional When working at the pub. You can choose to serve the gloryhole instead of doing a shift, then return to work and carry on like normal There are usually 4 shifts per cycle when working at the pub. Each visit to the gloryhole counts as 1. While there is no limit to how many times you can serve the hole, your colleagues might come looking for you the more you serve. Expansion of event where you ask Alison what's the issue with her boss (Dez) Expansion of event where you ask Dez what's his deal with Alison Added the ability to add gloryholes elsewhere (still no events yet) Added in new scrap items for scavenging. Various different scrap materials to sell to vendors Time now passes during conversations NPCs now run for 40 days before game start. It is possible to encounter pregnant NPCs now on day 1 Adjusted the game economy so you no longer end up super rich a week into the game. Still being worked on by feedback is appreciated Added notifications when a perk is giving you a unique branch Added a new sell clothes checker. Selling something that won't leave you exposed will auto pass with some comments, selling pants with a skirt will need to pass a poor or will check, selling anything that leaves your underwear exposed also needs a poor or will check. Anything that leaves your breasts/ass exposed will auto refuse unless you have the exhibitionist perk Added many of the missing location button images Fixed issues relating to clothes going missing after getting naked Strange pill Sammy never washes out cum from inside her after showering Updated the debrief with the psychologist to properly reflect what you did Added pregnancy length cheat. There are 4 options. 7 days (v short), 21 days (short), 42 days (medium and current default) and 90 days (long, realistic). NOTE** Pregnancy length will also effect NPCs Reduced the amount of time it takes for your cycle to restart. Previously it was 28 days and it has been reduced to 3 Female NPCs randomly gain morning after pills and abortion pills Female NPCs who have sex will take a morning after pill if they have one Female NPCs will take an abortion pill if they have one when they discover they are pregnant if the pregnancy was from being forced or while selling themselves Added button to the menu that allows you to rename NPCs Added cheat that advances your cycle Added new cheats "meet all" which will add all NPCs to your diary and "NPC time skip" which will pass 6 months for all NPCs NPCs now start living their life from 40 days before game start. This makes it possible to meet pregnant NPCs on day 1 New prologue lines for Emile if she starts the game pregnant Added many missing perk icons Added in many missing location button icons

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