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The Pilgrimage – Version 1.5 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (3.00 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Messman | Language: English | Size: 3.00 GB

The Pilgrimage – Version 1.5 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (3.00 GB)

Online Game - The Pilgrimage – Version 1.5

CHangelog: Scanner repair quest redone. Now it available after Jesora fix the hacking device. You will able to see it in dialogue and new hint on status screen check. New room/location with side quest. It simple mini game to fix the energy source. Contain scenes with varren(s). After you done with energy you can proceed to second part of location where the scene with mutant bear can be found. Location can be found only with scanner. Teasing option now available for interacting with prison apes. Don't go too far with it or they will become really angry. Scene is repeatable later if lewd level enough high. Some additional loops and extra ending included. DP bad end scene with prison apes. Can be found after all cut-scenes with phantom girl. You will find yourself why. Shower bugs bad end event. It just evolving of last scene. Big croc guy random "bad dart" event. New scene with Zeltan. Continuation of his story arc. AMI side quest. Short episode where you can take control of AMI itself and open the hatch blocking the way back from vents. Contains three scenes up to your choice. Movement in vents is different. RenPy is not 3D engine, so most of work fell on my coding hands and blender render engine. And I tried to imitate it best as possible. I just had an idea and wished to do it with all my might. I made some calibrations but move animations can sometimes finish faster and jumping forward, you can skip it with simple click as usual. It will depend on your system and delay time between click and animation start. But I hope it not much affect the gameplay. Movements direction limited. As I said – RenPy is visual novels engine, so possibility to move is hard coded and sometimes you will not find the all obvious paths you could see around. Still you can reach all necessary places and I will add more renders with updates, making movement more flexible. Vents gameplay contain new loot, new gameplay features. For now you can find some eggs, but don't pay much attention on it. I will make complete loot and craft system with next update. Also there will be another checkpoint like medbay. When you find it, you can always return to usual medbay and come back to vents in pool. Please note that leaving the vents that way is not according to plot, and other characters will not react on it in any way. I just made it for now for convenience. Old safe must work. To activate the vents availability just check status screen in medbay and then check your quest. You need to finish cutscenes with pool and big croc gut to make it possible. Alright. Now the content. As you can understand – the enemies will be also different. I don't want to make direct explanations how to get all the scenes, this is horror style update after all. Two anal scenes with "frog" guys. They will try to catch you in vents. DP scene with "frog" guys. Blowjob with "frog" guy Tentacle scene in vents Tentacle nest anal game over scene AMI scene 3 Nyun scenes with bug Tali helmet blowjob scene with bug Tali+Nyun game over scene Total it 12 new scenes – all in vents. AMI is new character and part of the plot, I guess you will happy to meet her. Get ready to struggle for your ass and clicking fast. You will find yourself what I mean. And please let me know directly if you find any bugs or bugs. The game has become really huge, I could miss something.

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