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Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home – Version 3.7 2023 [Oral Sex, Virgin] (930 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Ferdafs | Language: English | Size: 930 MB

Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home – Version 3.7 2023 [Oral Sex, Virgin] (930 MB)

Online Game - Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home – Version 3.7

Changelog: Content: Day 19: 1 New Scene Contributions: aaronminus: has added a longer intro for Morticia on Day 2, along with a brief tour of the house. Also some sexy images. aaronminus: has added a number of fun responses to the pet/nickname interaction with Beth, Summer, and Morticia. aaronminus: has done just a fuck ton of work helping improve the game overall. Features: Mindblower's now have a play all button in each character page! Yes, they all have one. If you would like to see ALL the Mindblowers end to end, use the "New Game" button from the start menu. Changes: The upstairs of the Smith house has been redesigned to be more consistent, and also have a door for the bathroom! (last door on the right!) Rick now has a Guard uniform in a few scenes where standard Rick outfit was a little odd. Day 3: Summer now has a brief intro moment with Morticia on Day 3 Day 10: After much heated debating behind the scenes, Summer's sleeping scene "skip" option has been changed to "end", which means choosing this option is effectively taking a different path, instead of pretending it didn't happen. Game may still have inconsistent reference to it, let me know if you spot any. Day 11: Just like Summer's sleep scene, Beth's sleep scene is no longer a "skip", but a choice not to. Again, if you find inconsistent reference to it, let me know. Day 20: The hole in Morty's door now stays consistent through the scenes. at least for Day 20. Bug Fixes: Several typos corrected across numerous days (Big thanks to MobileGrunt) Fixed many lingering names that should have been variables (Big thanks to zerodead for finding them) Added Beth's Green swimsuit to the final shot of Day 38 (she was back in her black one, so I made the green one too) Remove Facist Beth's pants on day 18 (Thanks to MobileGrunt for noticing the inconstant image issue) Fixed duplicate breast pumps on day 24. Fixed an android bug where text entry on the Do Over page was not working correctly. Uh. a lot more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

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