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VoidBound – Version 0.5.3b 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (2.88 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Cursed Atelier | Language: English | Size: 2.88 GB

VoidBound – Version 0.5.3b 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (2.88 GB)

Online Game - VoidBound – Version 0.5.3b

Changelog: The two Pixie events that debuted in release 0.5.2 are now fully voiced. With a total of 300 lines now narrated by the talented PixieWillow, the old events are now truly considered fully finished. And yes, when we say fully, we do mean both Pixie's and Caly's dialogues! Four new ero events of varying genre encompassing over 87 new CGs! – 28 new CGs feat. Caly and Her Indulgence, indulging in something interestingly bold. – 22 new CGs about Caly's curiosity in search for Heavenly Pleasure in the brothel. – 19 new CGs with a mysterious beauty hanging around at the Love Machine. And finally, Vas's tryst with Caly. Once again, she has her cornered in her home and this time, another round of beer and girl talk just isn't going to cut it. 17CGs later Caly has one hell of a story that she would rather tell no one. Minor Changes:- Streamlined a variety of text elements that help the lore flow more naturally. Fixed missing facets like quest rewards, dialogue mismatch, command errors. New Combat balancing extended to Xaide enemies. These include restructuring boss encounter to better sync with the new battle system. Addressed selective crashes that happened on using items outside of battle. New revised descriptions for various skills. Additional Changes: Gameplay Various nerfs to enemies. Reduced the amount of items stolen during a certain boss fight. Enemy behavior overhauled based on Caly's speed and presence around them. Added flash lights to enemies. Enemies now feature drop shadows. Exception being summoned items by the player example being: turrets and player model itself. Multiple changes to 100+ skills and states ranging from major to minor adjustments. Subject to change based on player feedback. Fixed the Simon Says animation not resetting properly when the round ended. Fixed Caly's Regret freezing in rare instances towards the end of battle. Fixed an unintended issue where players were able to use an item outside of combat. All scopes are fixed. Now applying range extensions as intended. Fixed an issue where skill animations that target an enemy got displayed on a specific spot, even if the enemy moved away from it. Fixed an issue where enemies were behaving in a suicidal manner when targeting themselves with offensive skills. Audio Fixed the audio behavior of movie files in the engine. Turning the music up and down will now also affect cinematic audio. Voice acting option ON or OFF will now also work on the Cinematic. Fixed the controlling system for ambience sounds. They are now governed by audio settings and can be adjusted at will. Further tweaks were made to suppress the irritating continuations of some. Fixed 3D audio system where panning sound would play in unintended scenarios resulting in distortion, peaking and muffled sounds. Technical Raycasting overhauled. Example: Doors block flashlights but will not do so if open. Added an additional hotkey to both keyboard/gamepad to toggle the player's flashlight. The F key on the keyboard or the right stick on the controller is the default. Fixed performance issues with lighting. Expected 30% FPS gains across the board. Fixed older save issues where weapon values didn't sync correctly due to a discrepancy between older settings and newer changes. Changed mouse behavior on the title and main menu. Previously two clicks were required to have an option active. It's now been tweaked to one click resulting in smoother option navigation. Issues that still persist Attempt was made to fix an issue where the engine would randomly fail to execute the intended range of a skill/weapon and instead open up inventory. Investigation ongoing. An issue has been identified where player summoned items sometimes multiply in excessive quantities due to random reasons. Investigation ongoing.

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