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Ntraholic – Version 3.3.3u 2023 [Dating Sim, Stripping] (467 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Tiramisu | Language: English | Size: 467 MB

Ntraholic – Version 3.3.3u 2023 [Dating Sim, Stripping] (467 MB)

Online Game - Ntraholic – Version 3.3.3u

cementing their long-standing love for each other with a vow. These two turtledoves spent each day since together, nurturing their commitment, adoring each other, and whittling the days away blissfully. But not all fairy-tales have happy endings, and this is no fairy-tale. One day they received a letter, the rent was rising, and they knew they needed to find a new apartment. Luckily, your father, in his last moments, bequeathed you two apartments that were right next to each other; one for you and the other to make a living. As fate would have it the young couple found your advert and came to stay. When you saw the young wife, you couldn't believe your eyes. A massive chest, thicc hips, a shy innocent smile – how did that loser ever marry such a babe? You hatched a plan; you were going to do what you did to all of your previous beautiful tenants; you were going to have some "fun".

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