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Beyond the Edge – Version 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (754 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Re-boner Ocelot | Language: English | Size: 754 MB

Beyond the Edge – Version 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (754 MB)

Online Game - Beyond the Edge – Version

The most important point is that, despite the title it's not about tentacles, perhaps just a little. CHangelog: – 41 maps have been modified with new spritesets and improved design. – 5 new maps. – Patricia's quest has been greatly expanded with new pictures, sprites, and a new storyline. – New or upgraded sprites of characters. – New concept of desires which alters the player's choices, giving the player the ability to pursue different goals. This is explained after the prologue in the castle. – Major part of the dialogues has been reviewed and optimized. (less «**» thing, more words) – The prologue has been shortened and slightly changed. – New campfires that expand fast travel options. – Many events have gotten new icons, and new icons have been added for desires. – New sounds for quests, items, and relationship


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