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Deeper – Version 2.1_b96a 2023 [Superpowers, Interactive] (1.05 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Thundorn Games | Language: English | Size: 1.05 GB

Deeper – Version 2.1_b96a 2023 [Superpowers, Interactive] (1.05 GB)

Online Game - Deeper – Version 2.1_b96a

Changelog: Various back-end QOL improvements added three new events to main story arc fixed a bug where adding affection with capitalised names would cause an error. added a new store "lost and found" added a new item sports outfit for sarah, which unlocks when the lost and found opens. added three variations of workout with sarah and a stretch off section when affection is high enough added all new content for sarah exercise repeatable added new random convos to different areas replaced battle card screen language with Creator defined displayable added a new fishing mini-game to the fishing experience. Fishing now requires a small amount of effort and skill (although not much) added the fishing hole video to the fishing mini-game now that using CDD's it no longer slows down the game. Fixed an issue that would crash the game with infinite loop at the end of Cash-grab initial arc. added text wrapping to convo screen so all text is now visible Added a new smaller but more relevant main menu background.


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