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Sunrise City – Version 0.8.1 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (1.14 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Sunrise Team | Language: English | Size: 1.14 GB

Sunrise City – Version 0.8.1 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (1.14 GB)

Online Game - Sunrise City – Version 0.8.1

The story, which is in the 4th chapter of the prologue, takes place during the holiday season of the hero, who will have to investigate a strange group working under the cover of darkness. Changelog: General Added the 2nd part of episode 7, which continues the mission "A race against time". Major optimization of game performance. Personal stories Added several steps in "The Red Bitch". Added several steps in "The other girl". Added a bonus Dreamscene for Lana. Changed the text/corrected some steps in various stories. Corrected a bug with the soup in "Sweet Music". Backgrounds Added two new 3D backgrounds. New ambience set for the reception of the clinic. Corrected the position of some interactive elements. Corrected lighting effects applied to non-stationary elements in 3D backgrounds. Fixed a bug that prevented moving between backgrounds if Grimm followed the player in replay but the game was saved and exited before he left. Characters Added 3 new characters. Switched Kana to 3D. Added 25 new 2D poses for Diplomacy, Evelyn, Hooded Man, Nova Minion C, Science Minion A, ABC Formation. Added 313 new 3D poses for Blake, Connor, Kana, Kyle, Lana, Nova Minion B. Reworked the outlines and modeling of all 3D characters, to get back to a rendering closer to 2D. Reworked poses for all 3D characters except Connor. Reworked textures for Nova Minions A and B. Added 3 new outfits for Kyle, Lana and Kana. Optimized character display by reducing the number of elements used to manage character rendering from 16 to 2. Improved the way character outlines are colored by the light of a location. Dialogues Added 5 cutscenes. Added a warning before entering the Horizon Pole. Changed the way hints are displayed above the dialog window. Added conditions on dialogue lines that were activated without having seen the prerequisite dialogues. Various text corrections (thank you everyone for your feedback). Battle Reworked battle introductions. Added 2 new enemies. Added one new skill. Added a new effect and its 3 icons. Fixed a bug that prevented the real name of an opponent from being applied once it had been revealed. Corrected texts that were not displayed in the selected language. Changed pop-ups when a blocking effect is active to no longer indicate that you are blocking when the opponent is not using an attack. Ability tree Corrected the "A Good Beating" bonus, which was not giving the correct number of hit points. Corrected the "Inner Spark" bonus, which did not give the bonus % to critical damage. Interface Corrected an interface element that could cause a slowdown when opening the character name selection window. Updated gallery with 1 illustration and 1 scene. Replay Added 5 new events. Fixed a bug that prevented replay from starting in episode 7. Fixed a bug that changed the time of day in the save file in an unwanted way. Sound Added new sound effects. Added new musics. Optimization Implemented a system that loads/unloads from memory the elements needed to ensure the game runs smoothly.


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