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Alive – Version 1.0 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (4.10 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer CSkin Games | Language: English | Size: 4.10 GB

Alive – Version 1.0 2023 [Seduction, Slave] (4.10 GB)

Online Game - Alive – Version 1.0

Changelog: Alive has come to an end! The final Chapter is available today. Patch notes at the bottom. Alive represents almost two full years of work, and I am happy today to make the final chapter available here on itch! That's right – Chapter 7 is the end. Alive is no longer a work in progress, but a completed game. It's been a hell of a journey, but we've reached the goal. Over the next month I will be preparing to release Alive on steam – shortly after that (So in about a month or so) I will be creating a full walkthrough for Alive – more details on that on my patreon now, or here at a later date, when we're closer to releasing it. Also note the version number is 0.99 – as part of the Steam release I'm working on, I am also working on a visual rework of CH1-3. That will constitute version 1.0 and the final build, but that will be ready sometime late next month. For now, patch notes! – Added over 2100 new renders, a dozen+ animations, and over 20k words. Chapter 7 brings our story to it's conclusion so it only seemed right it was the biggest release by far! – Tweaked volleyball difficulty. If minigames are disabled, it remains unchanged. With them enabled, easy mode (erin) is still painfully easy. The other 2 have seen an increase in difficulty. As a side note, Erin win or lose has no effect other than dialogue and a few renders immediately following the match. Winning or losing with Nikki affects a scene, and winning or losing with Mary can have a major storyline effect. (Only if you're on a certain path. If you're not, it's the same as with Erin). – Fixed Skeeball minigame – it was previously impossible to lose! Oops. You can now lose as intended. – Fixed a few minor grammar/spelling issues. Hopefully I didn't add too many. – New Gallery entries. – Replaced (very low effort) splash screen. It's now 100% better! – Added discord link to main menu. I don't actually use it ever (It is DEAD capital DEAD in there), but it *IS* the best way to contact me with bug reports, questions, or anything else. (Patreon message is 2nd best, Twitter is a very distant 4th. Carrier Pigeon is 3rd.) – 29 New music tracks! Much wow!

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