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Welcome to Erosland – Version 0.0.9 2023 [Superpowers, Interactive] (705 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer PiXel Games | Language: English | Size: 705 MB

Welcome to Erosland – Version 0.0.9 2023 [Superpowers, Interactive] (705 MB)

Online Game - Welcome to Erosland – Version 0.0.9

drowning in his everyday routine. But one day, he receives an email from an unknown source. "You've inherit an archipelago and lots of money from your unknown grandfather." It isn't a fake. He travels to the archipelago. A gorgeous woman welcomes him. 'You are now the owner of this place, Master.' Eros will discover a mysterious high tech machine that will change his life even more.​ Changelog: – Gameplay: – Continue the main story and open the first portal to Hana's world! – After opening the portal to Hana's world, you will be able to travel to it for 20 credits each time. – NEW BIG GAMEPLAY SYSTEM Meet Angela, a mother figure for Hana, in Hana's world. # Corrupt Angela up to level 20, unlocking new scenes and outfits. # Visit Angela by traveling to Hana's world. # Raising her level will unlock new scenes and lots of new dialogues. # Raising her level will also unlock two new outfits for Angela. # The maximum level in this update is 20. – NEW Kaisa training quest – Level 30 (Kaisa MAX Level: 40) – NEW 'job scene' for Kaisa at the canteen – level 30+ – NEW outfit variation for Kaisa's canteen outfit – NEW personal event with Kaisa – unlocked at her level 30 quest. – 2 NEW Hangout scenes for Hana – 1 variation of the existing ones and 1 completely new scene with variations. – 2 NEW outfit variations for Hana's default outfit – 1 NEW outfit for Hana – Awakened default outfit. – NEW SMALL GAMEPLAY SYSTEM Player choice in the attractions. # Starting with the club, when players watch the girl working in the attraction, they will have two choices. # Free mode: You will control the actions of the girl. Choosing what she'll be doing while working. # Auto mode: You will see the usual dialogues and scenes in the club, with no choices given. # In the free mode, there will always be a 'hidden' small scene/pose/dialogue for the girls. – Fixed various small bugs and grammar mistakes. – Art: – NEW scene: Kaisa level 30 quest. – 1 NEW frame: Angela – 3 NEW outfits for Angela. (Default and 2 more) – NEW scene with variations: Angela's medical check-up – NEW scene: Hana's hangout event (Default outfit IV+) – NEW scene variation: Hana's hangout event (Default outfit III) – 2 NEW outfit variations for Hana's default outfit. – 1 NEW outfit for Hana's Awakened default outfit. – 2 NEW frame scenes (New type of scenes) – 1 NEW job frame for Hana at the club. – 2 NEW job frames for Kaisa at the canteen. – 1 NEW variation for Kaisa's canteen outfit – 1 NEW Background – Hana's garage/room – 1 NEW Chibi animation (New type of scene – This one is not lewd)

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