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Dogma – Version 0.2 2023 [Oral Sex, Virgin] (2.11 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer DiaLive | Language: English | Size: 2.11 GB

Dogma – Version 0.2 2023 [Oral Sex, Virgin] (2.11 GB)

Online Game - Dogma – Version 0.2

Alex was a soldier for 17 years, going through every step of his career, from a regular soldier to a Major with a code name Red Fox. He fought in different parts of the world, participating in many dangerous missions. His life in the military environment has created an excessive love of violence and even a slight dependence on alcohol. But Alex realizes that this is wrong, so he tries to control his emotions and act calmly in everyday life. In 2080, Alex was a former soldier living in a remote town in a part of the world where there had been no war. He did not work anywhere and often went to bars at night to drink. Lots of sex with androids and rampant lifestyle. It would have been the end of his life if not for one sad moment. He inherited two curious rings. And later, he'll know what mysteries these rings hide.

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