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My Goddess – Prologue 2024 [Seduction, Slave] (279 MB)

Year: 2024 | Censorship: No | Developer Blackthunder_vn | Language: English | Size: 279 MB

My Goddess – Prologue 2024 [Seduction, Slave] (279 MB)

Game Porn Sex - My Goddess – Prologue

After University he managed to find a stable well paid job, living with his father and his beautiful girlfriend. Then came that hateful day that things go from good to disaster. You try to get out of the city but transport stikes adds a new low to this horrid day. It’s the best time to go to the hotel bar and forget… This is where your adventure begins. Play the game to experience wild events, challenges and tantalizing opportunities. Your Goddess awaits you…​


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