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Threads of Destiny from ElisarStudio 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Pov, Sex Toys] (1000 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer RareArchiveGames | Language: English | Size: 1000 MB

Threads of Destiny from ElisarStudio 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Pov, Sex Toys] (1000 MB)

Online Game - Threads of Destiny from ElisarStudio

Released: 2019-09-03Описание: The whole plot currently contains 1500 pagesWe have already come up with the story of the world and its development but there is still much work on graphics and translation.Описание: In our game, there will be several cities, large forests, islands, mountains, steps, farmlands and villagesAll of them will be filled with the content and spectacular stories that will make up an exciting adventure.Описание: Imagine.What would happen to people if everything that they were used to disappeared at once.Описание: The story of the game starts almost one thousand years after horrible events that once caused a complete destruction of people's magic in the world called NeutrasHumanity has accustomed to life without magicBut the magic hasn't gone once and for all.Описание: The game takes place in an entirely new, but already thoroughly thought-world, where things aren't as simple as they seem at first glance.Описание: The Threads of Destiny are drawn from the past to the future and weave all around in an intricate pattern, picking up the characters and bringing them into the cruel world of the struggle for their lives and futureAdventure, battles, economic development of personal possessions, new friends and a lot of different juicy situations await for the main characters!Описание: Although, the game was created on the core RPG Maker MV, all the graphics in it was drawn from the scratch and most importantly, in an isometric view.Описание: v0.1.7:Описание: Plot:Описание: Three new quests have been writtenOne of them is written for one of the following updates, and two others for the current updateIn the coming days, they will be sent to our translatorWe have got some changes according to the plot in thisОписание: The events in the manor for Taleona and for Elli are also being translatedThe events related to Umi and to other residents of the manor have shifted slightly in priority and will be sent to our translation later.Описание: Arts and Animations:Описание: The economic system has been improvedThe new animated scenes have been drawnSometimes Elli or Umi will drop into the office to chatBasically, it will happen when the main hero works.Описание: The art with Louise in the brothel has been improved;Описание: The scene where Sardo gives Umi the pendant has been expanded;Описание: A new scene with Vanessa is in progress, and the previous scene with her is being finalized and expandedYou could have seen it in the changing room of the clothing storeDon't forget to visit Vanessa after the of the nextОписание: In the meantime, when we were finalizing the scene when the pendant is being given to Umi, we realized that the pendant didn't look the way it should, so we completely changed itAs a result, it affected the very first art of the prologue, so we also improved it a little, otherwise, it would completely lose its relevance.Описание: The bug that appeared in some variations of Taleona's clothes in the bar has been fixed.Описание: Characters:Описание: Mini busts have been drawn for the following characters: Emilia - the maid from the Allion hotel, Jude Vinrek - captain of the South Gate of Artaun guards, Verlian - the magician who was in the prologue at the slave market;Описание: New sprite characters have been added;Описание: Technical aspect:Описание: The new boot screen animation has almost been doneWe will post it for review laterОписание: )Описание: The game interface has been partially updatedThe background of the ESC menu is slightly lightened and improved.Описание: The bug that didn't allow the game to take into account the time that the player is travelling between large gaming zones has been fixedNow, the time spent on trips affects the level of fatigue.Описание: As for the old story of the development of new mechanics indicating transition points between locations and highlighting of objects and characters available for the interaction, I've laid out a post where I shared the first screenshots of our successIt took a lot more time than we had plannedThe complete realization of our idea, and making all the mechanics work smoothly will take some more timeNevertheless, we can show you at least a bit of what has been achieved there, so as not to speak without proofI hope that the time spent on improving the engine in this aspect wasn't a waste of time, and you will find those changes convenient.

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