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Hourglass v0.22 by HuntaMann 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Groping, Humor] (1000 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer RareArchiveGames | Language: English | Size: 1000 MB

Hourglass v0.22 by HuntaMann 2023 [RareArchiveGames | Groping, Humor] (1000 MB)

Online Game - Hourglass v0.22 by HuntaMann

Hourglass is a somewhat classic take on the RPG Genre of RPG MakerThe player will have to navigate multiple stats of Strength, Charisma, Dexterity and Intelligence to determine how you can advance quest, dialogue, events or even having access to CGOn your journey your player character will meet many heroine that will join you on your journey to achieve your quest! Other than the main heroine , the main character can also "interact" with other female character that exist on every town!Описание: The combat system use a Stamina system where your attack will cost stamina, and you will need to manage it to achieve victory in combatAttributes also play a role in damage calculation in combat so you also need to be wary of that! Weapons are specific to certain attributes(Exsword and axe will use Strength while dagger will use Dexterity).

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