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Glassix – Version 0.66.0 2023 [Gaweb Studio | Pov, Sex Toys] (6.1 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Gaweb Studio | Language: English | Size: 6.1 GB

Glassix – Version 0.66.0 2023 [Gaweb Studio | Pov, Sex Toys] (6.1 GB)

Online Game - Glassix – Version 0.66.0

Glassix is a brand new initiative created to offer a unique method to create customized games. Glassix is based on the story, and users will be able to play classic visual novels with points-clicks. * 11 girls with distinctive Kinks * 11 additional girls with limited interaction that can be later played in full * Walk with girls and have amusement! Seven districts are worth visiting and more than 150 spots to visit. There are four levels of obedience that encourage and stimulate girls’ willingness to be pranksters. * Utilize the City Map Interface in order to navigate quickly * Management of obedience and adoption. Both need to be taught so that the girl behaves in accordance with your expectations. There are a variety of planned events, including money, part-time work classes at school as well as romantic occasions with females. Each new version will include a lot more H-related information.


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