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The Last Romantic – Version 0.02b 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (263 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Mensh | Language: English | Size: 263 MB

The Last Romantic – Version 0.02b 2023 [Adventure, Visual Novel] (263 MB)

Online Game - The Last Romantic – Version 0.02b

a whirlwind of failures and mishaps might happen at any moment, covering the future in uncertainty.​ Changelog: bug with duplicate tasks in the task list no back button in some interfaces removing pop-up about getting points where points are not actually given / adding extra points in places where they are needed, but not given interface bugs when objects not corresponding to the location could be displayed docking of some quests in episode 1 (when the quest is logically finished, but the task is still hanging in the list / when the quest has not finished yet and is waiting for the player to act, but the task is not displayed in the list) descriptions of some quests, so that their text coincides with what is happening in the game

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