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A Seduced Wife – Version 1.0 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (323 MB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Stef Story | Language: English | Size: 323 MB

A Seduced Wife – Version 1.0 2023 [Pov, Sex Toys] (323 MB)

Online Game - A Seduced Wife – Version 1.0

Readers become the real protagonists of the plot, guiding the choices and paths of the story. Exploring the pages, they become entangled in sensual and intriguing situations, where desire is intertwined with danger. The atmosphere of suspense makes each page an engaging experience, where decisions made can lead to surprising twists and turns. Prepare to plunge into a world of secrets, forbidden passions and decisions that will alter Sandra's destiny. Who will resist temptation and who will succumb to the allure of mystery? The answer is in your hands as you delve into the dark depths of Sandra's life.​

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