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Last Human – Version 0.6a 2023 [Dcg, Fight] (1.80 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer N2TheFire | Language: English | Size: 1.80 GB

Last Human – Version 0.6a 2023 [Dcg, Fight] (1.80 GB)

Game Porn Sex - Last Human – Version 0.6a

The earth has become a desolate and brutally cold place. All of the human race has died off. But you were saved because of your father, a scientist and inventor who designed the base you live in and helped you on the path to getting off the planet and aboard the waiting starship Aurora. Beyond that, the universe holds many adventures, dangers, and new worlds to discover. Your first mission… Getting these Nekos back to Pantheria. But on arrival, you find yourself being forced to fight another very familiar and very powerful Neko. Last Human is a KINETIC VN story I started to write quite a few years ago. I started this project some time ago with another dev (Nope), but never got it off the ground. I took over the project, scrapped everything we had done and began again. My vision is simple: a science fiction fantasy with Nekos and some lewd fun mixed in with the usual comedy, romance, drama, and fun. This is not just a ‘fuck’ game; this is a series; a story (with some sex thrown in). The love interests will be a ‘harem’ and also your crew aboard the Aurora. Think “Star Trek” for adults.


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