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Evermore – Version 0.5 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (2.04 GB)

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Prometheus | Language: English | Size: 2.04 GB

Evermore – Version 0.5 2023 [Mind Control, Blackmail] (2.04 GB)

Game Porn Sex - Evermore – Version 0.5

These years of peace continued until one day, tragedy strikes again while you’re out shopping . However this time, you discover you have a mysterious power. What is the source of this power and since when do you have it? More importantly, what will you do now that you’ve discovered this ability? Embark on an adventure as a young man who just discovered magical abilities as him and his family move to Walton. Will this new town contain the secrets of his newfound abilities? Will it help him become the most powerful human in existence or will he be crushed beneath the heel of the secret societies and mystic gangs of Walton. Help him seduce the women in his family and entourage, the more allies you have, the better your odds… You get to choose the outcome of this adventure, so choose wisely…​ Changelog: -8967 Lines of code -1080 images -19 animations -3 new work in progress menu features (Updated Girls pages, Lore Menu, Beastiary)

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